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Oxytech Disinfectant

Dhs. 800.00

Approved By:
Dubai municipality
Health & safety department   

Oxytech D50/500 combines the antibacterial effect of silver with the added strength of hydrogen peroxide to produce a powerful universally applicable environment-friendly disinfectant

Ecological & economical, chlorine-free disinfection range

• Antimicrobial

• Nontoxic

• No color

• No smell

• No taste

• No chlorine

1. Dilution ration: 700 ml in 1 L water – sanitizer & disinfectant -
Concentrated – deep cleaning & sanitizing

2. How to use: spray it on any surface you wish to sanitize wait for 1 minute and wipe it.

3. Where to use it: on any surface, you wish to sanitize.

4. Available pack: 1 jerry can x 25 Kg.

5. Safety :

- in case of ingestion: do not vomit, drink milk and seek a doctor.
- in case on contact the skin: wash with water and hand soap.
- in case of contact with eyes: Wash your eyes with eye washing solution for 15 min & visit a doctor immediately.